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May 12th


Updated: Straight Lighting/Reginald, Jelly Wall Eyes Pack.

April 27th

Updated: Light Show Index

February 17th

Added: Keeper Of The Night, Mu Presents Lights, Heavy Light (London), Willi Wuchtig Lightshow, Windows and Clouds, Witheeks.

Updated: Garden of Delights, Light Brigade,


February 14th

Added: Incredible Lightshow, Intergalactic Light Show Company, Photon Drive, Bayshore Fruit Co., Electric Factory, Picadilly Ltd.

Updated: Pale Green Limousine, Acidhead Lights, Lighter Than Air Corps, Aerial Transit.

January 21st

Added: Lectricity Lights, Light Brigade (Philadelphia), Electric Umbrella, Flash and Edison Visuals, Plastic Bag, The Trepannelia, The Dentist, Leisure Society, John Nelson.

Updated: Jerry Abrams Headlights, Light Brigade (Sacramento), Magic Theatre Lights, Five Fingers On My Hand, Rainbow Jam, Frank n Stein, Electroluminecense, North American Ibis Alchemical Company, Provo, Straight Lighting.

January 20th

Updated: Bands - H

January 18th

Added: Portland Light Opera, Petite Mall Lites, Puppy Farm, Plastic Fantastic Lites, Phantasmagoria, Phantazma Agora,

January 17th

Added: Andromeda Voyage, Atom Ant’s Light & Film Show, Bob Holt Light Productions, Great Brain Robbery,

Updated: GoddaMatch, Reno 1994 LDI Convention, Temporary Optics, Middle Earth Club, Striking Lighting, Ben Van Meter, Elias Romero, Family Circle Light Show.

January 11th

Updated: Movies - A, Movies - R, Movies - U, Movies - S, Movies - C, Movies - N, Movies - M, Movies - O, Movies - D, Movies - T, Movies - W, Movies - E,

January 7th

Added: Ooie Gooie Visuals, Scott Bartlett & Paul Hawkin, Optic Innovation, Flavorscope

Updated: Trancendental Aurora,


January 6th

Updated: Allison Wonderland Lightshow, Pale Green Limousine, Proteus.

New: Lightshow Classics, Sector 7G, Selfsenter Lights.


December 23rd

Updated : Light Show Index

Added: Sleight Lights

December 7th

Updated: Ephemera Lights


November 25th

Updated: Explosive Spectrum Lights, Speed of Light Show

Added: The Road, Shadow Cast, Castaway Electric Co, Catharsis, Maze.


November 22nd

Updated: Explosive Spectrum Lights, Light Show Index,

Added: Dermot Harvey, John Massara, Crystalline Foetus, Speed of Light Show.


September 17th

Updated: Light Show Index, The Great 1969 Light Show Strike

Added: Roger Thomas, Cornucopia.


September 6th

Updated: Ultramarine Lights, Luminiferous Extravaganza, Temporary Optics, Jomo Light Disaster, Jelly Wall Eyes Pack,

Added: Vulcan Gas Company Light Show, Centauri Light Show.


August 11th

Updated: Blind Image, Blind Meat, Meat, GoddaMatch, Holy Ghost.

Added: Out & Out Perversion, Apple Jack Light Show.


August 9th

Updated: Tina’s Light Circus, Nerve Center, The Great 1969 Light Show Strike.

Added: Balrog Lights, Portius Lights.


July 29th

Updated: Ono Yasumaro’s Illumination Factory, Pale Green Limousine, Prismatic Revenge, Optic Illusion,

Added: Stella Birdhikers Light Show


July 15th

Updated: Light Show Index


July 2nd

Added: Clear Light Drive, Family Circle,

Updated: Optikinetics, Krishna Lights, Looking Glass - Middle Earth, Chance Light Show, Acid Rain Lightshow.

June 30th

Added: Liquidbiupil Light Show (Japan)

June 1st

Added: Blind Image, Blind Meat, Meat, Zap, Moth Lights West, Community News, Mirkwood Light Co.

Updated: Berkeley Cinematheque, Elias Romero, Crystal Ball Light Co., Heavy Water,


May 31st

Added: Psychedelic Art - Dennis Loren, 5-MeO-TAR.

May 17th

Added: IAO Psychedelic Culture Festival.

Updated: Prismatic Revenge.

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