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November 25th

Updated - Explosive Spectrum Lights, Speed of Light Show

Added - The Road, Shadow Cast, Castaway Electric Co, Catharsis, Maze.


November 22nd

Updated: Explosive Spectrum Lights, Light Show Index,

Added: Dermot Harvey, John Massara, Crystalline Foetus, Speed of Light Show.


September 17th

Updated: Light Show Index, The Great 1969 Light Show Strike

Added: Roger Thomas, Cornucopia.


September 6th

Updated: Ultramarine Lights, Luminiferous Extravaganza, Temporary Optics, Jomo Light Disaster, Jelly Wall Eyes Pack,

Added: Vulcan Gas Company Light Show, Centauri Light Show.


August 11th

Updated: Blind Image, Blind Meat, Meat, GoddaMatch, Holy Ghost.

Added: Out & Out Perversion, Apple Jack Light Show.


August 9th

Updated: Tina’s Light Circus, Nerve Center, The Great 1969 Light Show Strike.

Added: Balrog Lights, Portius Lights.


July 29th

Updated: Ono Yasumaro’s Illumination Factory, Pale Green Limousine, Prismatic Revenge, Optic Illusion,

Added: Stella Birdhikers Light Show


July 15th

Updated: Light Show Index


July 2nd

Added: Clear Light Drive, Family Circle,

Updated: Optikinetics, Krishna Lights, Looking Glass - Middle Earth, Chance Light Show, Acid Rain Lightshow.

June 30th

Added: Liquidbiupil Light Show (Japan)

June 1st

Added: Blind Image, Blind Meat, Meat, Zap, Moth Lights West, Community News, Mirkwood Light Co.

Updated: Berkeley Cinematheque, Elias Romero, Crystal Ball Light Co., Heavy Water,


May 31st

Added: Psychedelic Art - Dennis Loren, 5-MeO-TAR.

May 17th

Added: IAO Psychedelic Culture Festival.

Updated: Prismatic Revenge.


April 28th

Added : Psychedelic Art - David Byrd, Psychedelic Art - Carl Lungren


April 19th

Updated: Light Show Index, Optic Illusion, Rabbit Hole (Joshua Light Show).


March 30th

Added: Heavy Electric, Ephemera Lights.

Updated: Heavy Light, Prismatic Revenge.

March 27th

Added: Striking Lighting, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre.

Updated: Garden of Delights


March 19th

Added: USU Light Show, Bob Fried, Sun Lite Brigade, Provo,

Updated: Sunburst, Light Lives Co., Dr. Allbright Light Show, Optic Illusion, Wes Wilson, Diogenes Lantern Works, San Francisco Light Works, North American Ibis Alchemical Company, Electro Luminecense,


March 17th

Added: Tenderloin, Night Blindness, Garden of Delights, Scum Of The Earth,

Updated: The Outfit.


March 12th

Added: Illumination, Amen Ra, Holy Ghost, Light Lives Co., Bam Pow, Lighter Than Air Corps, Dr. P.H. Martins Magic Medicine Show, Petrus Boogie, Magic Tangerine Floral Light Quasar, Funny Co.

Updated: Missionary Lights, Optic Illusion, Light Show Equipment Hall of Fame.


March 9th

Added: Doctor & The Medics, Oaken Shield Cameo, Occular Mirage.

Updated: Temporary Optics, Heavy Water, Deadly Nightshade, Pizza Oven, Christian Paris (Art).


March 8th

Added: Bayshore West, Crystal Focus, Electro Luminecense, LX84 Hytesenemic Light Shows,

Updated: Bands - O, Looking Glass - Dead Dog/Club Dog, Brotherhood Of Light, Aural Plasma.


March 3rd

Added: Flash Gordon, Gum, Liquid Smoke, Liquid Walls, The Looking Glass Light Show, Mornin' Magic Lights, Great Northwest Phantasmagoria.

March 2nd

Updated: Bands - N

Added: Liquid Sandwich, Captain Johnson's Lite Show, Cameo Quotient Illuminations, Chance Light Show, Eye Happiness.


February 25th

Updated: Light Show Index, Projektor Pearson, Bands - F, Bands - G, Bands - H, Bands - I, Bands - J, Bands - K, Bands - L, Bands - M,

Corrected: After it being wrong for over 20 years I scrapped the Steve Seymour page and re-wrote it due to a long list of mistakes. Thanks to Greg Evans for the nudge.


February 18th

Updated: Equipment Hall Of Fame,

Added: Crimson Madness, Prismatic Revenge, Front Lights, Vulcan Lights, Spontinuity, First Lite, Candlepower, Fido Lights, Temporary Optics, Missionary Lights.

February 17th

Updated: Lights by Dr. Zarkov...yes ANOTHER (greatly improved) update !!, Medicine Lights, Literature Index,

Added: Rabbit Hole - Pink Floyd with Mark Boyle's Sensual Laboratory (YouTube)


February 15th

Updated: Lights by Dr. Zarkov,

Added: Babylonian Pigpen, Parthenogenesis Lights.


February 12th

Updated: Literature

Added: Ultramarine Lights, Galactic Gavin Lights, Luminiferous Extravaganza, Great A+P Light Co, Calliope,Hemp Plant, Ozlylite Co., Five Fingers On My Hand, Kaleidoscopic.

February 11th

Updated: Pale Green Limousine, Literature,

Added: Pizza Oven Lights


February 6th

Updated: Chronikles 1967, Chronikles - 1968

Added: New Site Section - Movie Index

February 4th

Updated: Pig Light Show, Vasco Lightshow 15.000

Added: London Lights.

January 29th

Updated: Electric Freak Out Light Show, Ellis D. Fogg, Alice In Wonderland Club.

Added: Gorilla Lights, The History of Dead Dog/Club Dog (Pre Megadog),

January 22nd

Updated: Hassid Casualty Light Show, Bands - D, Bands - E,

Added: Dwavehead Visuals, Phantastic Lights

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January 13th

Updated: Mark Boyle’s Sensual Laboratory, Bands - A, Bands - B, Bands - C.


January 7th

Updated: Literature/Books

Added: Medicine Lights, FluOrganik Light Show


January 6th

Updated: Ganymede Lights, Vibravoid.JMA’s Light Flight,

Added: psensibil, Liquid Courage

December 29th

Updated: Overheard Projections

Added: Liquid Light Productions

December 24th


Updated: Darling Lucifer Productions,

Added: Trillium Lights, JMA’s Light Flight, Over Light Show,

December 18th

Updated: Alice In Wonderland Club, Magical Mystery Trip 1, Magical Mystery Trip 2, Magical Mystery Trip 3, Magical Mystery Trip 4, Hassid Casualty Light Show, Scene & Heard Light Show.

Added: Metempsychosis Lights, The Crypt Club, Magic Lantern Light Co, Optic Nerve (Washington), Darling Lucifer Productions.


December 14th

Updated: The Light Artists Guild & The Great 1969 Light Show Strike, Solar Prism Lights, Magic Lantern Light Show, Chronikles - 1966, Chronikles - 1967, Chronikles - 1968, Chronikles - 1969, Chronikles - 1970, Chronikles - 1974

Added: Ultra Violet Spectroscope, Morning Sunshine, Saint Elmo’s Fire, All Night Harmonica Shop,

December 8th

Updated: Bands - T, Bands - U, Bands - V, Bands - W, Bands - Y,

Added: Art - John Moehring,

December 3rd

Updated: Bands S, Deadly Nightshade (H-U-G-E Bio !), Retina Circus

Added: Art - Bob Orr, Art - Bob Schnepf, Shambhala Lights, Afro-Dizziac Light Show, White Indigo Light Show, Phoenix Retro Light

Wanted - Album Reviews

November 26th

Updated: Pale Green Limousine Light Show, Bands - O, Bands - P, Bands - Q, Bands - R

November 23rd

Updated: Reno 1994 LDI Convention, Jump Menu added to Light Show Index, Brotherhood Of Light, Optic Nerve, Five Acre Lights, Bands - N

Added: Dementia Luminae, Stockville Light Express, Aerial Transit, Proteus, Dr. Allbright, Goshen Mustang Light Co., Crystal Ball Light Co


November 20th

Updated: Art - Mari Tepper, Art - Stanley Mouse & Alton Kelley, Art - Victor Moscoso, Art - Lee Conklin, Art - Bob Masse, Art - Wes Wilson, Art - Bonnie MacLean, Art - Main Page

Added: Moire Bender Light Show, Zeta Lightshow, Art - David Singer


November 18th

Updated: Crystalleum Light Show, Clear Light Light Show, Ugly Lights Light Show, Patrik Trevor Light Show, Jerry Abrams Headlights, Crab Nebula Light Show, Mark Boyle’s Sensual Laboratory, Exploding Spectrum Lights

Added: Glare Light Show, Deadly Nightshade, Northern Lites

New Site Section - The Rabbit Hole


November 13th

Updated: Retina Circus, Union Light Company, Lux Sit And Dance, UMA Light Show, Stone of Orthanc Light Show, Optikinetics, Aural Plasma Light Show, Heavy Water Light Show, Omega Eye Light Show, Deepvisual.

Added: Antares Light Show, Morpheus Light Show, People's Light & Power, Cosdemonic Lite-House, The Existential.


November 6th

Updated: Bands - L, Bands - M


November 3rd

Updated: Krishna Lights, Bands - K

Added: Eyedream of Jeane Concert Lightshow, Visual Brewer, Dr.UIDA Liquid Light Experiment