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December 6th

Added: Flying Curcus, Liquified, Maresía,

Updated: All Night Harmonica Shop, Mind Alchemists, Alice In Wonderland Mystery Trip 4, Amoeba Light Show, Aurora Glory Alice, Bob Holt Light Productions, Acid Mothers Temple October 14th 2022, Chronikles - 2022, Heavy Water.

December 5th

Added: Array.

Updated: Visio Workshop Lights, UBU Films, Ellis D. Fogg, Crimson Madness, Light Show Index.

November 15th

Added: Rabbit Hole - Mark Boyle meets Soft Machine 1967, Asteroide.

Updated: The Temple, Light Sound Dimension (Bill Ham), Heavy Water, The Odd Light Show, Dr. Zarkov, Tony Martin, North American Ibis Alchemical Company, Aphrodites Rainbow Lights, Trancendental Aurora, Union Light Company,

November 14th

Added: Art - Randy Tuten, Spectral Euphoria, Black Sun Light Circus, Love Conspiracy Commune.

Updated: Light Show Equipment Hall of Fame, Psychedelic Light and Power Company, Chronikles - 2015, Simultaneous Avalanche, Chronikles - 2022, LX84 Hytesenemic Light Shows, Optikinetics, The Overheads.


November 10th

Added: Dr. Who.

Updated: Catharsis, Joe's Lights, Omega's Eye, Literature - W, Literature - L, Heavy Water Light Show, All about pOoTer's pSycheDelic shAcK.

October 31st

Added: Jim Franklin.

Updated: Krishna Lights, Vulcan Gas Company, Magic Theatre.

October 21st

Added: Valley State College Sierra, Flame of Smaug, Earth Invasion, Respectable Pig.

Updated: Unicorn Lights, Funny Co., Lux Sit And Dance,

October 20th

Updated: Crab Nebula, Light Show Index (Now 946 !!), The Odd Light Show.

Added: Chronikles - 2022, Looking Glass - Acid Mothers Temple October 2022.

October 11th


Updated: Mind Alchemists, Zap Light Show San Rafael, Retina Circus, The Odd Light Show, Denis Loren.

Added: High Society

May 12th


Updated: Straight Lighting/Reginald, Jelly Wall Eyes Pack.

April 27th

Updated: Light Show Index

February 17th

Added: Keeper Of The Night, Mu Presents Lights, Heavy Light (London), Willi Wuchtig Lightshow, Windows and Clouds, Witheeks.

Updated: Garden of Delights, Light Brigade,


February 14th

Added: Incredible Lightshow, Intergalactic Light Show Company, Photon Drive, Bayshore Fruit Co., Electric Factory, Picadilly Ltd.

Updated: Pale Green Limousine, Acidhead Lights, Lighter Than Air Corps, Aerial Transit.

January 21st

Added: Lectricity Lights, Light Brigade (Philadelphia), Electric Umbrella, Flash and Edison Visuals, Plastic Bag, The Trepannelia, The Dentist, Leisure Society, John Nelson.

Updated: Jerry Abrams Headlights, Light Brigade (Sacramento), Magic Theatre Lights, Five Fingers On My Hand, Rainbow Jam, Frank n Stein, Electroluminecense, North American Ibis Alchemical Company, Provo, Straight Lighting.

January 20th

Updated: Bands - H

January 18th

Added: Portland Light Opera, Petite Mall Lites, Puppy Farm, Plastic Fantastic Lites, Phantasmagoria, Phantazma Agora,

January 17th

Added: Andromeda Voyage, Atom Ant’s Light & Film Show, Bob Holt Light Productions, Great Brain Robbery,

Updated: GoddaMatch, Reno 1994 LDI Convention, Temporary Optics, Middle Earth Club, Striking Lighting, Ben Van Meter, Elias Romero, Family Circle Light Show.

January 11th

Updated: Movies - A, Movies - R, Movies - U, Movies - S, Movies - C, Movies - N, Movies - M, Movies - O, Movies - D, Movies - T, Movies - W, Movies - E,

January 7th

Added: Ooie Gooie Visuals, Scott Bartlett & Paul Hawkin, Optic Innovation, Flavorscope

Updated: Trancendental Aurora,


January 6th

Updated: Allison Wonderland Lightshow, Pale Green Limousine, Proteus.

New: Lightshow Classics, Sector 7G, Selfsenter Lights.


December 23rd

Updated : Light Show Index

Added: Sleight Lights

December 7th

Updated: Ephemera Lights