New Looney Toones Light Circus,
The Psychedelic Pizza Machine,
Liquid Sircus Delights,
L.S.D. Visuals


Harold Adler did Light shows as New Looney Toones Light Circus from 1967-1970 and before that worked with Bob Holt.

Rick Meyers & Harold Adler then built The Psychedelic Pizza Machine in 1968.

From 1989 throught 2001 Harold Adler did Light Shows as Liquid Sircus Delights or L.S.D. Visuals.

He did over 300 (Raves) DJ Dance Parties in the Northern and Central California Area.

Harold Adler is Curently a Video Producer and Comercial Photographer.

Mr. Adler Lives in Berkeley California


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New Looney Toones Light Circus

Bo Diddley, SRC, Los Angeles August 1969