Stockville Light Express


Brian Eppes from Stockton started Stockville Light Express in 1966.

From Bob Pullum:

I got into doing Light Shows by attending an early Stockville Light Express production in November of 1966 at Betty Hackett's Dance Studio on Harding Way near Pacific Ave. in Stockton, California.

At one point in the show I asked them if I could help.

They seemed a little short-handed and I was able to man the mirrored-wastebasket on a record turntable-light bouncing effect, with a slide projector.

Throughout the next several weeks I worked with them on a regular basis until soon I was not only a projectionist but also co-wrote the newsletter and kept the bookkeeping.

I was with Stockville Light Express for most of 1967.

Brian Eppes and I moved to San Francisco in late summer of 1967.

We were able to jam with other light artists at Straight Theater, including Jim Arnold, Reginald, Gary Ewing of Dr. P.H. Martins Magic Medicine Show, and Marc Maxman, who called his show Aerial Transit and had recently left North American Ibis Alchemical at the Avalon.

In Stockville Light Express, we had every kind of odd shaped old-fashioned slide projector.

Occasionally, a fellow showed up with a Super 8 Movie projector, which was fun when it worked. We were making payments to 3M for a new overhead projector and had a second old 3M.

In San Francisco we bought some used equipment from Jim Arnold consisting of overheads, carousels, and a 16 mm movie projector. Marc also had overhead projectors.

We found 4 glass lens Victorlight overhead projectors at the surplus store on Market St. We modified these old projectors from 500-watt single fan to 1200-watt double fan.

Marc Maxman (Ex Aerial Transit), Brian Eppes, and I formed another lightshow just before the WorkItOut ST-10 show (10/20/1967); we called it Brotherhood of Light.

Bob Pullum - 2002


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Stockville Light Express