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February 24th

Added: Neon Meate Dream, Electric Orgasm, Pharos.

Updated: The Odd Light Show/Liquid Light Orchestra, Light Show Index.

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated....just had some Health Issues to deal with...still upright :-)

October 20th

Updated: Sphinx Light Show, About Us, Light Show Index, Bands - I

October 18th

Updated: Bands - D, Bands - E, Bands - G, Bands - M, Bands - S, Bands - T, Literature - C, Literature - D,


October 14th

Updated: Bands - C, Bands - G, Bands - H, Bands - L, Bands - M, Bands - S, Bands - T, Bands - V,

October 7th

Updated: Bands - A, Bands - B, Bands - C, Bands - E, Bands - F, Bands - G, Bands - P, Bands - W.


September 29th

Added: Moonglum.

Updated: Light Brigade (Sacramento), Books - M


August 21st

Added: Captain Candlepower and the Lumen Brigade, Epiglottus, Egg Lites, Gypsy Moth,


August 20th

Added: King Kong Light Machines, Mastronix.


August 18th

Added: Lovelights Light Show, Hydrosonic Light Show, Ben McKenzie, B.F.D, Inimitable Purple Chinch Bug Esq.

Updated: Captain Johnson's Lite Show, Light Show Hall Of Fame.


August 17th

Updated: Light Show Index


August 4th

Added: Eyes Of Kamphalous, Pilot Light, Anathema, Aphrosense, Bulb, Granfalloon, Mr. What and his Colour Circus.

Updated: Light Brigade Light Show , Simultaneous Avalanche,


July 28th


Updated: Bands - D


April 14th

Updated: Bands - H, Bands - R, Compilations Page 3,


March 27th

Updated: Acid Head, Pooter's Light Show Index


February 22nd

Added: Starchild, Barsoomian Flyer, Ibis Electronics Enviromental, Highlights.

Updated: Addled Chromish, Cameo Quotient Illuminations, Oaken Shield Cameo, Lumina, Phantasmagoria,


February 17th

Updated:Pooter's Light Show Index


February 9th

Added: Don Buchla Sound-Light Console, That Blinkin' Light Co., Sweetness In Light

Updated: Aural Plasma, Bayshore Fruit Co., New Bop City Lights, People's Light & Power Co., Dr. Zarkov, Family Circle, New Looney Toones Light Circus, Bands - M, Bands - S, High Society.


February 3rd

Added: Astral Projection (Orange County), Bill Chiarmonte's Ultra-Light Show, Butterfly Lights, Celestial Kaleidoscope, Celestial Light Show.

Updated: Garden of Delights, Great Brain Robbery, God's Eye, Intergalactic Light Show Company, Gum, Electroluminecense, Magic Theatre, Night Blindness, Omega's Eye, Picadilly, Pablo, The Road, Art - Mari Tepper, Thomas Edison.


February 2nd

Announcement: After 23 years of researching Light Shows, today we crossed the line of 1000 and are currently at 1008 Light Shows - Pooter's Light Show Index

A special thanks to Neil Rice who has been contributing lots of research for this section of the site over the years.


January 31st

Added: Cochabamba Candle Choir, Orphylic Death, Solar System Light & Power Co., Sour Milk, Spectra, WECO,

Updated: U.S.U, York Town Power & Lights, Shadowcast, Light Brigade (Sacramento), Trans-Love Airways, Liquid Len & The Lensmen, High Society, The Family Cat, Joe's Lights, Acidhead Lights, Phantasmagoria.


January 28th

Updated: Allison Wonderland, Acidica, Brite Black, Meat, Trans Euphoric Express, Lux Sit And Dance, Ecto Plasmic Assault, Temporary Optics, Out & Out Perversion.


January 25th

Added: Brite Black Lite Show,

Updated: Lysertia/Lysergia, Holy Ghost, Links

January 20th

Added: Lysertia/Lysergia

Updated: Deadly Nightshade, Amen Ra, Nerve Center,

Removed: Meteor Illusion (Rejected = Disco Lighting Company), Maxine (Rejected = Stage Lighting, NOT Liquids)


January 17th

Added: Cartoon Light Show, Espial Light Company, Fantasmagoria, Morpheus.


January 13th

Updated: Mass Spectrometer/Cerebrum Lights, Liquid Len & The Lensmen, Deadly Nightshade, Explosive Spectrum, Medicine Lights, Mind Machine, Zeta Cepheid Inc, Pablo Lightshow.

January 11th

Added: Acroterian Lights, Elysium Lights

January 2nd

Added: Etherlight, Mad Hatters

Updated: Lux Sit And Dance

December 31st

Updated - Looking Glass - Middle Earth Memories

December 9th

Added: Visions of Johanna, Strange Brew, The Underground Construction, Solar Clipper, Rain of Wizardry, Rob Simpson, Ron Henderson, Orb Lights, New Bop City Lights, Jim Arnold, PhosPhor Visuals.

Updated: Wonderland Lightshow, Windows and Clouds, Dry Paint, Five Acre Lights, Tony Martin, Maresia.

December 6th

Added: Flying Curcus, Liquified, Maresía,

Updated: All Night Harmonica Shop, Mind Alchemists, Alice In Wonderland Mystery Trip 4, Amoeba Light Show, Aurora Glory Alice, Bob Holt Light Productions, Acid Mothers Temple October 14th 2022, Chronikles - 2022, Heavy Water.

December 5th

Added: Array.

Updated: Visio Workshop Lights, UBU Films, Ellis D. Fogg, Crimson Madness, Light Show Index.

November 15th

Added: Rabbit Hole - Mark Boyle meets Soft Machine 1967, Asteroide.

Updated: The Temple, Light Sound Dimension (Bill Ham), Heavy Water, The Odd Light Show, Dr. Zarkov, Tony Martin, North American Ibis Alchemical Company, Aphrodites Rainbow Lights, Trancendental Aurora, Union Light Company,

November 14th

Added: Art - Randy Tuten, Spectral Euphoria, Black Sun Light Circus, Love Conspiracy Commune.

Updated: Light Show Equipment Hall of Fame, Psychedelic Light and Power Company, Chronikles - 2015, Simultaneous Avalanche, Chronikles - 2022, LX84 Hytesenemic Light Shows, Optikinetics, The Overheads.


November 10th

Added: Dr. Who.

Updated: Catharsis, Joe's Lights, Omega's Eye, Literature - W, Literature - L, Heavy Water Light Show, All about pOoTer's pSycheDelic shAcK.