Fruit Salad Lights


Formed, High Wycombe, UK in 1987 by Jasper Johns and Crom, Fruit Salad Lights quickly established themselves on the underground and festival scene as THE psychedelic lightshow in England.

Using primarily Optikinetics projectors, Fruit Salad were seen at nearly every underground/psych event in England during the 80's and 90's and are responsible for running the lightshow for the Ozric Tentacles and also for providing lighting at the many Mega Dog events and Pongmaster Ball's in the UK. Crom later moved over to do lights for Eat Static.

Fruit Salad are still very much part of the scene in the UK working with the Ozric Tentacles and also on much bigger projects such as stages at Glastonbury Festival, WOMAD and other outdoor festivals.


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