Psychedelic Art


Art as well as music was another medium that was transformed by the psychedelic scene and none more so than the posters and handbills created to promote dances and concerts.

Until the mid 60's these were often conventional and functional, but with the obvious influence of the spread of LSD and a radically different lifestyle this gave birth to an explosion of colourful and mind-blowing artwork that was to change the face of Rock Posters forever.

This kicked off on the West Coast of the USA as a result of one man, George Hunter of The Charlatans, the rock band who arguably started the entire SF scene.

George Hunter was an influential and inspirational character who dressed with a style that was half Wild West and half Edwardian Gentleman.

George (and Mike Ferguson, also from The Charlatans) was also responsible for the first psychedelic rock poster, a piece of artwork that now holds legendary status and became known as 'The Seed' , a title given to it in The Great Poster Trip: Art Eureka by Cummings G. Walker, an early book on Rock Posters.

The event was The Charlatans first gig, the venue was Virginia's Red Dog Saloon and the date was 21st June 1965.

The rest, as they say is history...

Please read on, as the next set of pages are dedicated to the many hundreds of Rock Posters and other High Art that emerged from this period in history.


Stanley Mouse

Alton Kelley

Wes Wilson

Rick Griffin

Victor Moscoso

Bonnie MacLean

Randy Tuten

Gary Grimshaw

Lee Conklin

Jim Phillips

Bob Masse

Michael Bowen

Greg Irons

Tom Weller

Nigel Waymouth

Michael English

Bob Fried

John H Myers

George Hunter

Norman Hartweg

Jim Blashfield

Mark T. Behrens

Steva Catron

Steve Seymour

Christian Paris

Franz Landl

John Van Hammersveld

Sir Eel

Mari Tepper

David Singer

Norman Orr

Bob Schnepf

David Byrd


Many of these artists produced posters and handbills for legendary clubs and dance halls such as The Family Dog, The Fillmore, The Avalon, The Matrix Club, The Firehouse, Saville Theatre, UFO, The Roundhouse, The Vulcan Gas Company, The Straight Theatre, Fillmore East, Armadillo World Headquarters, Winterland, Grande Ballroom, Longshoremens Hall, Carousel Ballroom, Retinal Circus and the California Hall.

Others are listed here for their contribution to what has become known as High Art.

A special mention is due here to San Francisco's Professor Poster, Art Historian, Long Distance Friend, Official Archivist and long standing member of The Family Dog.


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Professor Poster 2018

Rusty Goldman AKA Professor Poster 2018 (Credit - Glen Beebe)

Professor Poster
Please note that where possible full permission has been given for the use of the artwork and images in this section.

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The Seed (Charlatans Red Dog Saloon)