Rabbit Hole - DIY Colour Wheel


The colour wheel shown here/in this clip was made by dismantling a colour filter swatch book and sticking the sample filters around the edge of a central disc.

The disc here has been decorated with an Optikinetics Reflex Panel. Alternatively separate/individual smaller colour wheels can be used on each projector.

(The alignment over a longer projection distance is better as there is less parallax. My clips were off my kitchen table to the wall, three feet (1m) away.)

Positive and negative black and white slides

“Positive and negative black and white slides of the same image are placed one in each of the two projectors and images superimposed. Non matching images can also be used, as well as slides that are coloured, either colour film or black and white slides that have been hand painted with transparent glass paints.

Remember the rule is - there are no rules!”

Analogue experimentation live is what made early light shows interesting. Akin to the musicians themselves improvising.

Sometimes it worked, sometimes not, if not get something else up on the screen quick!

Positive and negative black and white slides

Click for bigger image :-)


Examples of Positive/Negative slides in action


Neil Rice 2020 (Ono Yasumaro’s, Krishna Lights, Optikinetics, Liquid Light Orchestra, Odd Light Show)