Planet Om Lightshow,
The Eye.


Planet Om Lightshow (formerly The Eye) is run by Beano from Edinburgh, UK.

Planet Om were originally a band who played a strange mixture of Psychedelia, Funk and Ambient Trance.

Due to a shortage of psychedelic light shows in Scotland, we would create our own using slide projectors, moonflowers and the odd hired Optikinetics projector.

It was at around this time at Hawkwind's 21st anniversary tour,I saw the most amazing lightshow of my life so far, and realised I'd quite like to get into this side of things, and decided to investigate further.

After a few Hawkwind gigs, the Megadog came to town with the infamous "Midi Circus" and the Fruit Salad Light show, which was and still is the best psychedelic light show in the world, and I became obsessed with getting things together.

More amazing light shows came with The Orb and endless trips to Brixton Academy to the Megadog all nighters.

After Planet Om became chilled out trance band Amber Waves,I decided to concentrate on getting the lights out and about, working scrimping and saving every penny, selling all my musical gear and anything that wasnt nailed down, I scored a few Optikinetics projectors, loads of effects, a very nice second hand laser, a few inflatable stars for projecting on, as well as some home made projection screens (made by my good lady luv Jeannie).And, thinking it was a waste of a name...PLANET OM LIGHTSHOW it was!

Its been quite frustrating trying to get it together in Edinburgh, but I'm finding a very vibrant scene through an excellent underground place called The Electronic Music Club. Its a great place for getting together with lots of musicians, artists and psychedelic projectionists, and the scene is taking off nicely.

Apart from that Ive done lightshows for DJ Severin, psychedelic band The Jesus Trip and a few good parties and all nighters around Edinburgh.

There have been some very excellent people in the light show world who have given me a helping hand with this, particularly Rob and the rest of Coloursound Experiment, Lightshow Bob Pullum (formerly of Brotherhood of Light),Psybrid visuals, the Mighty Hawkwind themselves, and Neil from Optikinetics.

Many the time Ive annoyed these people with my incessant requests and questions, and have always had brilliant results.

A great business to be in.

Beano Jameson - February 2001

Planet Om Lightshow
Planet Om Lightshow
Planet Om Lightshow
Planet Om Lightshow