Jim Arnold

From 'Lightshow Bob' Pullum, assisting member of Stockville Light Express, founding member of Brotherhood Of Light (along with Brian Eppes and Marc Maxman) and current operator of Universoul Light Forms in Hawaii:

I knew Jim Arnold and several other original Light Show people.

Jim Arnold was very helpful to Brian Eppes and I in our development of the Brotherhood of Light Light Show.

We first met Jim at the Stockton Ballroom on Friday April 28, 1967 for the show which featured The Grateful Dead.

We actually went to the Ballroom a few hours before the show so we could meet Jim (He arrived alone in the afternoon).

We introduced ourselves and helped him move his equipment as we had a friendly conversation about technical issues. He was a few years older than us and had a haircut but we got along great. He even let us help set up his equipment and help with the projectons during the show.

Jim could see our dedication to this exciting new artform and he confided with us that he was planning to get into band management and get out of the Light Show business at the end of Summer '67.

Our Light Show, Stockville Light Express, was ending because of a city ordinance against underage gatherings.

He clearly told us that he would sell us his equipment and provide the opportunity of an audition at Straight Theater in the Fall of '67 after a busy Summer. We were very interested in moving our show to San Francisco!

At the Straight Theater in October '67 we were warmly welcomed and the management was impressed with our Light Show skills.

A few days later Jim brought in his equipment including old Slide Projectors and a 16mm Movie Projector with slides and Film Loops. He was friendly but didn't stay long, just wanted to sell us his gear and go so we paid in cash, less than $500.

I don't think I ever met up with him again. I am very thankful for meeting him and for his encouragement for us young Light Show pups.

Jim Arnold was an important connection in my life...I have learned that helping others to become better artists will get you into Heaven.

Bob Pullum - December 2022

Jim Arnold Light Show

April 28th 1967, Stockton Ballroom, Grateful Dead.

Image from Lost Live Dead, Poster by John Hardham (Deadly Nightshade, Heavy Water Lightshow)

Jim Arnold Light Show

Stockton Ballroom, May 5th, 1967, Grateful Dead

Poster by John Hardham (Deadly Nightshade, Heavy Water Lightshow)