Pig Light Show


A Little Pig Light Show History

Not long after his 18th birthday (after already performing with most of the bands who appeared at Woodstock), Marc did a Tuesday night “audition” show at Bill Graham’s Fillmore East.

By night’s end the whole backstage crew - including members of the Joshua Light Show - were calling him (and his VERY professional, for being so young, light show) Josh Jr. - much to the embarrassment of Marc and the obvious pleasure of his mentor, Joshua White.

Exactly six months later (and many more shows at The Ritz, The Academy of Music and other venues), Pig Light Show became Joshua White’s hand-picked replacement for Fillmore East house light show.

Marc hadn’t reached 19 but had his young heart’s dream, and was lauded in, among others, the New York Times, the New York Post and Playboy magazine’s prestigious Jazz and Music reviews.

The Fillmore East closed just before the beginning of July in 1971. John Scher and Al Hayward asked Pig Light Show to be house light show at their upcoming Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ.

45 years later, many television performances later, hundreds of concert performances later, years of teaching Lighting in colleges later, Marc is still at it, but with many modern twists.


Marc L. Rubinstein - 2015