Jefferson Starship
Wavendon Stables
28th October 2002


Set List:

First set (8:03-9:05)
Let's Go Together
Good Shepherd
Sketches of China
Teaching The Computers To Dream
Miracles (with bloody awful feedback buzz - the sound was iffy in places
all night)

Second set (start 9:30)

Alexander the Medium
Epic #38
Count On me
I'm A Dreamer
Young Girl Sunday Blues
Silver Spoon
She has Funny Cars
White rabbit
Ballad Pooneil
Coming back to Me
Fat Angel
Wooden Ships
Somebody To love

This is a much more sophisticated venue - all seater, but quite intimate. There was no support, and the band were scheduled to do an opening set of the more gentle, love songs with a longer set after an intermission, of the rockier numbers.

They walked into a set plagued with sound problems, and the band were somewhat stifled by the close proximity of the audience who, glued into their seats, were unable to show their appreciation with other than polite applause between numbers. A great contrast from the uninhibited atmosphere of the night before.

The lighting was low, and not very imaginative. An inauspicious start to the evening's proceedings. I don't have a list of this set to hand, I'll update you later in the week.

After the interval, the sound problems resolved, the band came on with renewed vigour and were much more together in the second half. Marty invited people down onto the small dance area at the front of the auditorium for the closing numbers and the evening finally took on a semblance of the more spirited proceedings of the night before.

Some numbers I do recollect (in no particular order) were: 'The Fat Angel' (lengthy introduction from Paul about how the number came to be written), 'Teaching the Computers To Dream' (one of the few highlights of the first set), 'Silver Spoon' (again, Diana turning in an awesome performance of this song from Sunfighter), 'Coming Back To Me' introduced by Marty as 'the result of a st-r-aaa-n-ge evening', 'Ballad Of You And Me And Pooneil' with, as last night, frenzied jamming featuring Slicky and Prairie Prince.

The next day, the band are off to Newcastle, another all-seater which the Doc is going to sit out - going home to catch up on some sleep - and I'll be rejoining the tour in a couple of days.

Words - Doctor Dark - 28th October 2002