Magical Mystery Trip 1

The first Alice In Wonderland Mystery Trip was on October 27th 1984 at Chislehurst Caves and it sold out the day before we sent off for tickets so sadly we were not there!!

Do you have any memories of the Chislehurst Caves Mystery Trip?

We would love to hear from you !

Alice In Wonderland Mystery Trip 1 - Chislehurst Caves
Alice In Wonderland Mystery Trip 1 - Chislehurst Caves

From Jon Brodel (Shiva Photonics)

Remember Happy Birthday Roman .. at Chislehurst Caves ..?
Oh haven't you heard that story.?

It's a tale from the time of the Magical Mystery Trips.

An opportunity occurred when I was offered a drink by Christian and Clive of the Doctor and the Medics "backstage" at the Chislehurst Caves event

It was Romans birthday...

When I had been making my first Hologram to sell - Kali's Amulet - which came to be known as The Skull Hologram, several years before in 1982. I had thought much during the long nights of the holography process about the legacy and associations involved with Skull imagery, which of course includes "The Damned".

I thought at the time these guys would probably like this skull hologram image and it all came back to me in my trip at Chislehurst Caves.

I did not have one of those special clear glass ones I made several years before, but I had been taking out some framed holograms with the light-show and putting up a little display of holograms for sale on the back of the light-show tower whenever possible and although there had not been room for it at Chislehurst.

The boxes of holograms were with the light-show at the other end of the caves.

I was really enjoying where I was but this had to be done.

So I went way down to the other end of the caves, as you can imagine a real trip through all those partying people, and got a framed Skull Hologram, wrapped it in something and brought it back and gave it to Roman ..

When he asked who is this from? I replied... "All of Us"
.. Ha..! .. Priceless..!
.. all of us includes you too..!
.. so Love that gift of light everyone..!

P.S. Where did you get your Lightshow Christian..? ... Well that's another

Alice In Wonderland Mystery Trip 1 - Chislehurst Caves

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