Mu Empire Of The Sun
Zippo Lights


A lot went into every show usually at a total loss to the light show people. We truly loved
being and doing our part for the experience of the event or concert.

My name is Jack Licursi, and I came up in the 1960's. I produced concerts and did a LOT of LIGHTSHOWS in San Jose, and all over the Bay Area 1966-1969?

The name of my lightshow was "MU-EMPIRE of the SUN", later changed to "ZIPPO LITES". We worked all the time at college concerts, TV stations promotional events, big fairgrounds shows, even BGP concerts at Winterland.

The biggest show was in 1967 at the San Jose State College practice field, where 52 bands (including Jefferson Airplane, Steve Miller, Blues Magoos, Taj Mahal, Stained Glass...) all played for free in front of 80,000 for 3 days. I also produced this concert along with supplying the light show; ( which was the only real light we had on the stage at night. This concert/festival was non-stop for three days and pre-seed Woodstock and Altamont. It was also pre stadium rock shows.

So as far as I've been told, it was the largest gathering up till the time and the first 24 hour for 3 days rock concert.

We did the lights and we are still alive to talk.

Thanks for the site,

Jack Licursi - March 2002