A Light Show from somewhere in The Netherlands, possibly The Hague or further afield who were one of the Light Shows for the Love & Peace in Colours Festival in 1968.

Trancendental Aurora **might** have also been in attendance (the dates for the festival changed from June 14th and 15th to June 21st and 22nd) and they are listed on earlier posters for this event (of which there were SIX different posters).

Can you unravel the mystery, were you part of Witheeks Light Show or do you know who was?

I also have a theory there was more than one Light Show at this event...


If you can help with more information about this Light Show we would love to hear from you.

Witheeks Light Show

Love & Peace in Colours Festival - June 21st to 22nd, 1968. Houtrusthallen, The Hague, Netherlands with Pink Floyd, Cream, Traffic, Small Faces, Family, The Move, Incredible String Band, 1850 Circus, Zipps, The Living Kick, Fakir Sidi Chandra, Simon Vinkenoog, Wajang, Kermis, Judo, Dirty Underwear, Chemical Explosions of Death & War.

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