Simultaneous Avalanche


The Light Show was started by Jim Ford and Rick & Tom Schultze, around 1969 I think.

We did mostly Sacramento shows at first the did Kings Beach Bowl in Kings Beach Lake Tahoe California.

We used overhead projectors,slide projectors, color wheels, liquids,mineral oil all for a free flowing colorful show.

We did shows with Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, Buffalo Springfield, Quicksilver, Moby Grape, and many more of that time.

We finally ended when Tom and Jim moved to Aspen and Rick went to Sacramento and started The Sound Factory a concert/dance hall.!

(Jim was drawing and running a print company so he turned over the operation to Rick & Tom Schultze).

I hope this helps if you need more don't hesitate to ask!


Rick Schultze - November 2022


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Simultaneous Avalanche Light Show
Simultaneous Avalanche Light Show