Psychedelic Light and Power Company


"The theater had three large screens with 11 projectors to run short films.

Three separate slide projectors to be used for color water that moves around in trays that were projected on the screens. There were also strobe light and fans to give the dancers a slow motion effect."

The artists were Scott Bartlett and Paul Hawkin with additional film provided by Tom DeWitt who remained in San Francisco finishing up his degree at San Francisco State College.

A single strip film built from the short film loops was collated by Bartlett under the name OffOn and can be found here:

OffOn sold into hundreds of museums and was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress in 2004.

Some consider it the quintessential psychedelic film, and it does transmit a good impression of the Light Show.

Tom Ditto - February 2014

Psychedelic Light and Power Company

The Ambassador Theater in Washington, DC summer of 1967