Prismatic Revenge


Founded in February, 1967, after attending a concert at the Berkeley Community Theater – Country Joe and The Fish, Congress of Wonders, and lights by Jerry Abrams Headlights (first time I saw a light show!). Founder and owner, Scott Bauhofer.

Prismatic Revenge was based in Contra Costa County, California, and performed throughout the Bay Area. Into the mid 70’s.

We did lights for The Dead, Santana, Van Morrison, BB King, Humble Pie, Stoneground, Joy Of Cooking, It’s a Beautiful Day, John Lee Hooker, to name a few.

In our formative years, Brotherhood of Light took us under their wing, Ed Landgon (Brother Ed) specifically and helped us with some of the secrets of the business.

In the early 70’s, we merged with The Brotherhood of Light, Brother Ed, and performed for several years again throughout the Bay Area.

Scott Bauhofer - March 2021


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Prismatic Revenge Light Show

1971 Fillmore West