Principal Edwards Magic Theatre



Michael "Harry" Housman
Lance Dunlop
Les Adey (Dec'd)
Chris Runciman
Chrissie Morris

Principal Edwards Magic Theatre were a UK band who had their own dedicated Light Show which wasn't all that common back then.

The below information I received from Belinda "Bindy" Bourquin:

Casting around the band for info it looks as if there were:

A slide projector for stills
Cine projector for short clips & loops
Overhead projector for oil/water mix
Plus colour wheels and later on a Strobe and UV

Later on Harry started to relate the content of the songs to photos and black and white images, whereas before it was pretty arbitrary! And we got more heavily into stage lighting.

Belinda Jones (nee Bourquin) - March 2021

Principal Edwards Magic Theatre

If you can help with more information about this Light Show we would love to hear from you.