Phoenix Retro Light


PHOENIX RETRO LIGHT arose out of the ashes in 2014 to create a Light Show in the spirit of the light show artists of the San Francisco ballrooms.

The liquid light show is a virtual painting under the theme of the 1960s psychedelic art wich we created to lead mankind into a real awareness to be able to fight the bullshit of todays fake reality - yeah !!!!!

It is liquid painted art presently in permanent change. Freaky music is the connection between the artist and his concept and the audience.

Archaic rhythms, sweating bodies and bouncing tits in liquid lights. It all vibrates in sync to reach a cosmic orgasm - the big gang bang.

In this reality our art is to be absolutely political.

We are fighting the primitive and dark material forces in our society.

ENTHUSIASM AGAINST BRIEFCASES will be our theme when we celebrate the liquid light in our unity.

This is what it says at the beginning of my homepage and only little things need to be added.

The inner cover of Paul Kantner's Sunfighter LP was the first picture of a Liquid Light Show ( Heavy Water ) that I saw in 1974 and have never forgotten.

At the end of the 1970s concert films were popular in the cinema where I worked as a projectionist, where I saw the light show of Jefferson Airplane and The Who in Monterey for the first time.

Until the beginning of 2014, I had neither time nor money to devote myself to this topic. In 2014 the world was ready to be illuminated by me and my friends.

We started with 2 overhead projectors which were then supplemented by 2 visual presenters, 2 mini-DV cameras and a Roland V4 video mixer.

The usual setup consists of 3 overhead projectors, 3 slide projectors, 1 projector, 1 Roland V4, 2 mini-Dv camcorders. In addition, hand-painted slides, hand-painted color wheels, tons of sixties dance scenes and
homemade gimmicks.

Together with a DJ we established the "Love Or Confusion" party in Stuttgart.

Music from 1965-75 with our matching colours and effects.

First in a small club, then in a large hall. Every now and then we also paint bands like Pale Heart, Love machine, Long Lost Souls, Jack Ellister, Vibravoid, The Dirty Waters, The Recalls.

My membership in the Psychedelic Light Show Preservation Society since 2017 is the greatest win to develop my own handwriting. The exchange in the group cannot be praised highly enough.

What else would be important for a member in the world of rock`n` roll, Money: Those who can afford it are stingy and those who appreciate our work give what they can. The greatest gain is the enthusiasm on the faces of our guests

Sex: zero. Wait a minute, one of us was offered a blowjob in the middle of an event, but he had to decline because he was already busy with our liquids.

Fame: If you are humble

Fun and satisfaction : 99% ( 99% ? - see sex )

And here the ones without whom all the fun wouldn't take place:

Stavros Papadopoulos, Jan Stahl, Bianca Schrodin, Uwe Buechele, Daniela Felkel and Falk Krohmer.

Rudolf Deistler November 2020

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Phoenix Retro Light

Woodstock Party - Wagenhallen Stuttgart, 31-8-2019

Phoenix Retro Light

Love Or Confusion Party 4-21-2018

Phoenix Retro Light

Pale Heart, Wagenhallen, Stuttgart 12-22-2018

Phoenix Retro Light

Love Or Confusion Party 12-29-2017

Phoenix Retro Light

Vibravoid - Psych In Bloom Festival 3-15-2019

Phoenix Retro Light

Wagenhallen Anniversary - 26-10-2019

Phoenix Retro Light

Love Or Confusion - Eiscafé Adria Stuttgart, 3-5-2020

Phoenix Retro Light

Our setup at the Wagenhallen in 2019

Phoenix Retro Light

Homemade gimmick

Phoenix Retro Light

Hand painted colour wheel

Phoenix Retro Light

Our command post for Mondo Sangue´s LP release party 22-10-2020

Phoenix Retro Light

One of our first public appearances

Phoenix Retro Light

The Recalls, Wagenhallen, Stuttgart, 9-5-2020

Phoenix Retro Light