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How you got into doing Light Shows & when?

I first started creating liquid light shows at the start of 2020 (just before the Pandemic).

I come from a film and TV background, and at the time I was brainstorming what to do for my donors thesis.

I loved 60’s head films like The Trip, Easy Rider and Performance, so I decided I wanted to base my year around that.

Going down the proverbial rabbit hole of psychedelic films, I found liquid Light Shows and fell in love.

I decided I wanted to know how to do it and thought ‘I think I like doing this more than studying’ so I deferred my honors and started my own liquid Light Show.

Where did/does your Light Show operate?

Melbourne, Australia. There’s not a lot of Light Shows down under, but the ones that are here are very passionate.

Who was your main influence, if any?

Definitely Steve Pavlovsky from Liquid Light Lab. He not only provided the most helpful tutorials online but he also sold the tools from his store and his shows are amazing.

What Bands have you worked with?

Mostly a lot of Melbourne based DJ’s and crews. My favorite shows have been with Honey, Proto Moro and Uncomfortable Science. Check them out!

What other Light Shows have you worked with and/or Cooperated with?

None so far.

Where did the name(s) come from?

I think in one of his videos, Steve Pavlovsky refers to liquids as ‘Psychedelic goo’ and I liked the term. But it probably came to me out on the veranda with a J between my fingers.....

When was your Light Show formed?

June 23, 2020.

How long did it run for? (is it still going or maybe back after an interval?)

Still going, but more and more I incorporate digital generative art with my work.

Any personnel changes within the Light Show(s)?

Definitely incorporating digital elements. Since I work with so many DJ’s, I tend to need audio synchronicity and visuals made in touchdesigner or Blender help me do that.

Can you share any amusing/interesting Light Show related stories that won't land you in Court?

I was working at an illegal rave under a bridge one night and the police did show up. They couldn’t understand what I was doing with all the plates and liquids so they let me walk.

What equipment you started out using, why you used it and what you changed to?

As for most people it began with an overhead projector, plates, dyes and liquids. But I liked the look of using a digital camera with a light pad. Plus it gave me more control in VDJing software like Resolume Arena.

I still use all the core tools like Moires and Petri Dishes (but I’ve never built a ripple wheel).

One of the most important changes came from Lance Gordon’s Liquid Light Show class. He advises using 70% Isopropyl alcohol and it made a huge difference.

Switching from regular candle dye to Steve’s specialty oil dyes was a game changer too.

What non standard objects/items were used in the quest for 'better effects’?

I tried using glitter in the plates but that didn’t work. Always stick to the basics.

How many projectors/slide machines you started out with?

One OHP and that was it.

How many projectors you finished up with?

Three OHP’s and an Epson digital projector.

Where has your career taken you if you are not still in the Lighting Industry?

It’s helped me step into the VDJing/Projection art/Lighting industry.

I still whip out the plates for my shows, but it is becoming more digital with time.

Tyrie Aspinall - Ooie Gooie Visuals January 7th 2022

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