Neon Moth


Back in 1968 there was a lightshow that started in San Jacinto mountains to the East of the L.A. area called "Neon Moth".

They performed at high school dances, rock concerts, clubs, for about three years between west L.A. and Palm Springs.

After about 1971 the Neon Moth moved to Northern Nevada. They performed at dances in Northern Nevada and Utah for about three more years. They had some really mind blowing effects. They used three really bright, really big, overhead projectors they built themselves for their liquid effects. I saw them perform at the Centennial Colliseum in Reno the liquid images were at least fifty feet tall (no exaggeration).

I remember they had really bright colors, I had never seen colors anything like that in the liquid shows I had seen in San Francisco.

They also had the usual slides projectors, color wheels, 16mm projectors. Oh and they had the biggest strobe light I have ever seen..............even forty years later.

It flashed really slow.... about once every four beats of the music and it was so bright that after a flash all you could see was the after image, people were running into each other, falling down, laughing was great.

Info sent in by Redaura (USA)


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