Mystic Lights

Mystic Lights still exists and gigs occasionally.

Latest outing isn't really a gig; we support one of the major Grenfell Tower activist groups "Green for Grenfell" with lighting and projections for the anniversaries of the fire, during Notting Hill carnival, and at any other time they ask us.

Otherwise our lights and visuals are to be found at Womad Festival, where we provided arena structures,
projections, main stage visuals, Club Womad set design, lighting design and operation until about 2009, since when we specialise in providing lighting, visuals and a top of the bill visuals and DJ set (as The Vision Collective) for the late night club stage that closes the night for Womad over the weekend known as Molly's Bar.

But sadly not this year...

More info to follow.....

Geoff - June 2020