Midnight Sun Lightshow,

Bicameral Visions,

Exploding Amoeba


Hello Pooterland people,

My lightshow has been called the Midnight Sun Lightshow since 1990. Before that it was the Bicameral Visions Lightshow (1985 - 1990) and prior to that the Exploding Amoeba Lightshow.

I have been a lightshow artist since the 1970s and my lightshow has accompanied acts like Sky Saxon (legend), Francis X and the Bushmen (80s Acid rock), Human Drama, Bleed (usa, Goth), Pressurehed, Spiritdome (80s psych), Farflung (LA spacerock), Nik Turner's Space Ritual (with 4 ex Hawkwind members) tour of USA, Japan, and Strange Days appearances and mini tours, Anubian Lights (electronic), The Electric Prunes (Legends), Albert Hoffman foundation benefit with Timothy Leary, George Carlin and Paul Krassner, The Strawberry Alarm Clock (Legends) and many more.

Rob Jacobs - May 2015