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Magic Theatre


My dad, Andy Kinyon, did a lot of light shows for Bill Graham at Winterland and Fillmore West, circa 1967-69.

He wound up working with/alongside Brotherhood of Light and Head Lights, but earlier he had his own show called "Magic Theatre" (which I was happy to see on your list).

The New Delhi River Band (out of Palo Alto) worked with a light show group that my dad co-founded called The Outfit (also out of Palo Alto).

They did several light show gigs, including a 1966 residency at The Losers club in San Jose which featured THEM, People, and the New Delhi River Band.

At some point, The Outfit morphed into Magic Theatre and they did a lot of shows for Country Joe & the Fish. This is according to John Tomasi of New Delhi.

I just found out about "Magic Theatre" yesterday when I was talking to one of his long lost girlfriends! I've been tracking down old friends of his from that time (he died in 1972) and found out that he did some early shows for Jimi Hendrix, which was amazing to hear.

My dad first got into doing lightshows in early 1966. He and my mom drove up to San Francisco from Palo Alto and bought some equipment from some guy, I think it might have been Bill Ham (my mom doesn't remember the guy's name).

Their first show was in Sunnyvale, for THEM (Van Morrison, of course).


Jon Kinyon - August 2017


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The Outfit Light show

December 1967, Avalon Ballroom