Magic Lantern Light Show


Magic Lantern Light Show is :

Richard Tatge: He studied art at MCAD and the U of M. In 1968 he learned light show techniques in Boston, doing shows with such bands as Sun-Ra, Velvet Underground and the Doors.

Back in Minneapolis, he did shows at Dania Hall, The Labor Temple and Cedar Theater with the Center of Consciousness.

He formed the Magic Lantern Traveling Light Show in 1988 and has performed at raves and rock festivals across the upper midwest.

Chuck Schlensig: Born in 1952 in Gary, Indiana. Learned light show techniques at the Syndrome in Chicago and at the Music Box in Omaha with the Moose family.

Did shows with Pink Floyd, Uriah Heap and Jethro Tull. Joined Magic Lantern in '92


Source - Unknown 2002


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