Luminiferous Extravaganza (sp?)


Unknown London Light Show that according to this advert were a Light Show from the Middle Earth Club in Covent Garden, London however they have not appeared on any Middle Earth adverts that I have seen to date.

Unfortunately I have no personnel information for Luminiferous Extravaganza so please contact if you can assist as always :-)


If you can help with more information about this Light Show we would love to hear from you.


Memories of Luminiferous Extravaganza:


With reference to your Website, I am able to maybe fill in some blanks regarding Luminiferous Extravaganza. I attended the Pink Floyd “concert” on 26th April 1969 which was held at the Bromley Technical College as your entry indeed states.

I was 19 years old at this time, now 71.

The College was and still is south east of Bromley in Kent, U.K. The band line up was Waters, Gilmour, Mason & Wright. I was intrigued by the Luminiferous Extravaganza light show which was projecting multi-coloured imagery towards the band from the back of the hall over the heads of the cross legged audience and which somehow made it through the marijuana fog.

I cannot tell you anything technical about the equipment other than it appeared to me to comprise of some thick coloured (oily?) substance(s) under a glass plate all of which was above a light projecting source.

The coloured “liquid” was slowly, moving around (not sure how) rather reminiscent of the pace of a lava lamp producing some amazing effects. Less amazing was the inclusion of a bubble machine doing its thing.

I seem to remember seeing on YouTube sometime a clip of Pink Floyd playing with what seemed to be the type of display typical of that which I witnessed at the Bromley event, but don’t know the link for that clip – there’s a lot of PF clips! It was fun remembering this and hope it helps.

Kind Regards,

Graeme Dallimore - September 2021

Luminiferous Extravaganza Light Show

April 1969