Luigi Fedele Light Show


After a two years experience working in London with KRISHNA LIGHTS (1968-69), staging shows like CURVED AIR, Airconditioning, first pictute album presentation at the Roundhouse, HARE KRISHNA group shows, BEATLES Apple conference room, Camden Town Arts festival, PINK FLOYD concert at London University, background lights effects film for Paris LIDO, etc:, and one further year (1970) with Peter Cutchey¹s IMAGE LIGHT AND SOUND.

Luigi Fedele got back to native Italy with some original UK equipment like Tutor MK2, liquid weels, strobes, etc. and did shows in Naples (SHAWN PHILLIPS at Teatro Instabile, ARTURO MORFINO performances,...), later established in Milano, with shows for underground groups and artists like CACAO, COME LE FOGLIE, CLAUDIO FUCCI...

The LIGHT SHOW BY LUIGI FEDELE is still occasionally operative, using basically the same original vintage equipment, plus some added effects, for special performances in poetry-music events by MATTEO GUARNACCIA in Italy and Switzerland, inaugurations of trendy discotheques, Pink Floyds fans celebrations and conventions, psychedelia exhibitions, etc.

Luigi Fedele - July 2002