Liquid Karma Lightshow


Basically, I've been a musician, playing in clubs in and around my hometown of Columbia Missouri for 15 years or so .

A lot of the bands I've played in specialised in psychedelic and classic rock styles and I've always had an interest in vintage instruments, lighting PA equipment etc. etc. .

In '96 I got a chance to see The Allman Brothers Band and was completly blown away by the light show, especially the liquid lights. I thought it would be cool to incorporate liquids into our band and set out to figure out how it was done.

A year or so later I got a chance to meet Peter and Chris of The Brotherhood Of Light and they kinda' took me under their wings and pointed me in some of the right directions .

Since then I've done shows with : Govt. Mule, Leftover Salmon, Little Feat, Widespread Panic, The Derek Trucks Band, Black Oak Arkansas, The North Mississipi All-Stars, Gallactic, Jazz Mandolin Project and many others.

I like to think that I bring my experience and instincts as a musician to my liquids and I feel it should always be a visual interpretation of whats going on with the music .

No one, in my opinion, is better at this than Brotherhood Of Light. They continue to push the light show envelope and seem to get better year after year.

Tom "Artie" Lindsey - July 2002
Liquid Karma Lightshow