Lighter Than Air Corps (Tacoma)


Lighter Than Air lit the Grateful Dead, Magic Fern and Fat Jack at The Eagles Auditorium, Seattle on 8th/9th September 1967.

Curently I am trying to find out more about them so if you can help please contact me!


Was wandering your website and came across my old light show company, “Lighter That Air Light Show in Tacoma.

I along with a couple of others started that company in the mid 1960’s and performed all over Western Washington.

I left the country in 1988 (ish) and took the equipment to Mexico where I did my undergraduate degree.

Would be interested in any info you have.

We started out at Salmon Beach in Tacoma and quite a good business.

Unfortunately I have no memorabilia partly because I have now lived in New Zealand for several decades.


Robert DeLong - January 20th 2022


If you can help with more information about this Light Show we would love to hear from you.

Lighter Than Air Light Show