Jomo Light Disaster


A Texan by the name of Travis Rivers, an influential person in San Francisco who was involved as founder/editor of The San Francisco Oracle with Allen Cohen, a friend of Chet Helms and also dated Janis Joplin had experienced Liquid Light shows first hand in San Francisco in the very early 1960’s.

He brought this idea back to Austin, Texas and formed the Jomo Light Disaster which at the time was the only lightshow in Texas.

The Jomo Light Disaster were the resident light show for legandary Texan psychedelic band The 13th Floor Elevators.

Travis also helped teach the guys at The Vulcan Gas Company how to run liquid lights when it opened in 1967.

Travis Rivers Allen Cohen

L - Travis Rivers, R - Allen Cohen

Jomo Light Disaster
Travis Rivers
Jomo Light Disaster