Joe Gannon


Joel and Toni Brown from Timothy Leary's Millbrook Institute were arguably the first people to project slides onto Pink Floyd in 1966 but they soon went back to America leaving a 'vacancy'.

Joe Gannon stepped in towards the end of 1966 and became Pink Floyd's official Light Show operator for a while before moving back to the USA where Peter Wynn Wilson stepped in until December 1967.

He too left leaving John Marsh (who originally assisted Joe Gannon) to do the lights for Floyd.

Joe Gannon then went to work with Marc Arno of Diogenes Lantern Works


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Joe Gannon

Joe Gannon doing lights for Pink Floyd, The Roundhouse London 1966

Joe Gannon

Joe Gannon and Dave Tomlin, Portobello Road announcing the forthcoming first Notting Hill Carnival, London, 1966

Joe Gannon

Joe Gannon lights for Pink Floyd, The Roundhouse London 1966


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