The Family Show


I ran two lightshows out of Hull, the first was known as 'The Family Show' and the second as InterCityLights. Some poxy train company nicked the name off us!

The Family Show's claim to fame was that all slides were mixed in situ, and we used tiny hyperdermics blowing cold air onto the very hot glass slides to create effects that were (allegedly) in time with the music, but I doubt anyone was in a fit state to judge the success or otherwise! More info on how to do this if anyone wants it.

In terms of people interest, main client was a 'performance' group called COUM, which featured a very young Genesis P. Orridge, his then girlfriend who became the infamous porn star Cozy Fanny Tooti (I think she spelt it like that!) and our high spot was lighting the two of them on a heavily wired steel spring bed base at the Bradford University Festival of Pornograpy.

Those were the days - bloody students these days have no clue...

Meanwhile I build the odd stage or two for sundry pop stars - but avoid lights like the plague - check out the web site!

Best regards

Roger - 2002

Roger Barrett
Technical Director
Star Hire (Event Services) Limited