Heavy Frost Lightshow


Heavy Frost Lightshow was formed by Adrian Sant with help from Simon Sketchely and was active from about 1970 to 1974 in the South London area.

They also ran a mobile disco called Canned Heat with Mike Cooper & Chris Trussler. One regular spot for the light show was at the Red Lion Public House in Coulsden, Surrey otherwise it was mainly a small time affair although they did on occasions have one off opportunities to light name bands such as Caravan, Arthur Brown, Fusion Orchestra.

Adrian at the time worked for Philips Lighting in Soho, so the Lightshow could only ever be a part time activity.

It was disbanded in 1974 when Adrian moved to Bournemouth to start his own theatre lighting business called AJS Theatre Lights. Simon also worked at Philips Lighting and later for AJS.

The light show consisted of a small tower made out of Speedframe loaded with home converted 35mm slide projectors, strobes and a 16mm film projector which showed various black and white cartoons hired from Wallace Heaton in London. Also a number of home made light boxes.

Long forgotten advertising board circa 1970 recently re-covered!

Adrian Sant - July 2nd 2012

Heavy Frost Lightshow
Heavy Frost Lightshow