Galactic Theatre


The Galactic Theatre was born in June 1970 in a rehearsal studio/ blacklight room designed by Richie T. and Jewell H. in Woodhaven NY.

Handpainted day-glo art, psychedelic posters and art deco designs lined the flat black walls to give the room an infinite space. The lightshow evolved from old movie projectors, overheads and discarded lighted Christmas ornaments modified for that psychedelic effect.

Loose Joints was the name of the band, later called Mistress. We did Max's Kansas City, The Ocean Club, Great Gildersleeves, Coventry, The Forest Park Bandshell, Mickey Allens Showboat , the NYC club scene from 1975 to 1979.

The Galactic Theatre used Sawyer Roto Scope Projectors, Kodak Carousels, 3M overheads, 8mm film projection, strobes, fog, GAF, Rollei and assorted homemade devices to dazzle the mind!!

Always on hand was plenty of duct tape and a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. I remember it was so hot and bright behind the projectors the joke was you didn't even have to go to the beach the next day to get a suntan!!!

The Galactic Theatre was manned by Rich Timmann , Lou Bounecore and EZ ED Korovitch.

By 1984 it was time to get a real paying job so I became a Garbologist for the City of NY, still performing the occasional light show for parties and reunions! On Sept.28, 1997 the original Galactic Theatre Studio reopened after a 4 month restoration project, blacklights, liquids and the addition of an original Lionel Space and Military O Gauge Toy Train Layout from 1959!!!

The 175 Rocket Launcher, 463 Nuclear Reactor, Day-Glo trains recently reissued by Lionel all bathed in blacklight and adornedwith the cosmos.

The Galactic Theatre still performs its psychedelic madness into the 21st Century.

My main influences are Mick Brockett of Nektar Sound and Light Theatre fame, The Joshua Light Show and Pink Floyd.

Thanks Mick for your inspiration and your visual sense of humor!!!

Rich Timmann - The Galactic Theatre - June 2003

Galactic Theatre Light Show