Eyedream of Jeane Concert Lightshow


I saw my first Crystalume Light Show at 6 years old and felt like I was flying thru space.

My main influence was James C. Allison, the inventor of the Crystalume.

My name is Jeane so The Eyedream of Jeane Lightshow was a logical choice.

I built my Crystalume in 1990 in San Marcos, at Texas State University with the help of Gordon Lingly from the Technology Department and I still perform live on occasions.

At this point if something moves me to play and record I do and then I will post on YouTube.

Since I am manipulating the light and images with my hands as I change personally and as my awareness grows and/or changes depending on the present moment so does a change occur in my playing.

Somehow it is all connected.

I use a Kodak Carousel with an ELR halogen bulb.
Same projector. I play a soft white focused beam of light. I use a colored wheel, arrays and tools made of cut crystal, plastic that bends light and anything really that has a beautiful image I can manipulate with my hands.

Things like “Crystalfixes” that allows us to manipulate multiple faceted crystals and fascinated glass along with color. Different arrays we can hand manipulate I have developed over the years.

I started with one projector but now I use all kinds of focused beams of light I can manipulate and cross beams creating more than one image.

But what is important to me is the playing of the Crystalume...much like one plays a guitar, the beauty is in the passion and playing of the guitar.

Much the same for me with the Crystalume which to me is a Vinstrament (Visual Instrument), and the goal is to master the playing of this specific Vinstrument.

I consider myself a Vusician (Visual Musician) and what I am making is Vusic, Visual Music.




Jeane Z Champion - October 25th 2020

Eyedream of Jeane Concert Lightshow
Eyedream of Jeane Concert Lightshow
Eyedream of Jeane Concert Lightshow
Eyedream of Jeane Concert Lightshow
Eyedream of Jeane Concert Lightshow