Hello Pooter,

My name is Peter Booth Lee, and my show is sometimes called Etherlight.

Here in SF, CA I've been doing Light Shows since the late 1980s to currently.

I'm a photographer, and graduated art school, the SFAI, in 1984.

I prefer to set my projectors and machines to run on automatic while I go photograph
the event. So, not full-on laboring, like with Liquids.

I photographed the Lightshow Art retrospective at the Berkeley Art Museum a few years back.
Many of the greats were there, Like Donovan, etc. Have some nice photos.

My Kit is simple, and flexible. Mostly people want my Meteor 'Comet probeam 75s' of which I have 4.

I sometimes add in projected Slides, I have numerous reels of originals, plus other content, and have 8 Kodak Carousel projectors.

Also, I have a few 'other' machines, like color wheels.

I've projected in dozens of venues in SF and the Bay Area, including the Great American Music Hall, Slim's, Club DNA, Club 1015.

I projected for Dr Timothy Leary, at the 'Cyber Invasion of Great Britton' in the mid 1990's, at Club 181.

He said 'You have enlightened my life'. It was very pleasing to hear that from Timothy.

Thanks for listening,

Peter, San Francisco - November 14th 2022