Co2ro Light Show


I started doing lights and decor in 1996 and I am still active today.

We organised squat parties and besides being a DJ I also took care of the spatial design and lights.

At that time I studied Architectional Design and the freedom and experimental nature of the scene was ‘the only way’ to go…

Nobody really influenced me if I am honest, we just started experimenting with everything that was laying around or we did find in the skip.

Main focus was experimental harsh electronics and in the last 10 years a band drops by once a year.

I focus on non-figurative themes and thre is ongoing research in mirror based effects and customizing my flock of overheads into Optikinetics concept projectors.

I use Optikinetics machinery, Liesegang overhead projectors, vintage Clay Paky Gobo projectors, Ektapro and Kodak slide projectors, Liesegang 6x6 slide projectors, Homebuild Sploda-domes for my OHP and Big format moire stations for my OHP.

At the very beginning it was only 1 Rank Aldis effect projector but today it is:

24 Liesgang OHP from 400W halogen to 575W discharge
20 Optikinetics Solar 250
14 Optikinetics K1
5 Optikinetics K2
2 Optikinetics GoboPro FX120W
6 Liesegang 6x6 slide projectors
8 Clay Paky Gobo projectors.
10 Martin Gobo projectors
3 Clay Paky VIP 1200HMI projectors

Once at a big Techno festival I did host a ‘brain dance’ area.

People could sit down a reset there 'marinated minds'.
Once two guys warned me not to project a stairway onto a wall of bamboo plants.
They almost wanted to walk upstairs :-)

Met vriendelijke groet,

Marco Broeders - October 2020

Co2ro Light Show
Co2ro Light Show
Co2ro Light Show
Co2ro Light Show
Co2ro Light Show