B.F.D (Portland)


The Crystal Ball AKA The Crystal Ballroom on Burnside, Portland featured lots of bands and lots of Light Shows in it's very short existence as a venue for 'Psychedelic Bands' and this brilliant poster below featuring Family Tree lists B.F.D as the Light Show.

Currently we know nothing more about them, did they merge into one of the many other Crystal Light Shows, who was involved and many other questions need answering!!

If you can help please reach out via the link below.


If you can help with more information about this Light Show we would love to hear from you.

B.F.D Light Show

Family Tree, Warloks, Thundering Heard - Crystal Ballroom - Portland, Oregon

B.F.D Light Show

Willamette St. Press, Thundering Heard, Warloks - Crystal Ballroom, Portland, Oregon, 1967