Bardo Light Show


The inspirational seed for the Bardo Light Show was the Joshua Light Show's effects in the movie 'Midnight Cowboy'.

Watched as a teenager, David began collecting projectors of various types and began experimenting by hand painting transparent leader film. Experimentation was very much sporadic and home based until 2007 when David provided lighting as the 'house light show' at the George Tavern (Whitechapel), lighting the Acid Gallery nights (organised by Phil Moore) and the land lady's own 'Moth Ball'.

The light show expanded through the inclusion of digital effects provided by Tom and the Bardo Light Show provided the lighting for the Amorphous Androgynous' 'A Psychedelic Bubble Exploding in Your Mind' extravaganza at the Green Man festival in 2009.

The Bardo Light Show also provided the lighting for Hawkwind's 40th Anniversary weekend celebration at Porchester Hall (Notting Hill) an outside screening of 'Blow Up' (1966) in the film's original location at Maryon Park the same year, Circulus, Wolf People, DJ Food and ROSCO.

David and Tom were proud to provide lighting for the opening of John 'Hoppy' Hopkins photographic exhibition at the Idea Generation Gallery (Whitechapel) and worked with multi-instrumentalist Bishi Bhattacharya on her live SHOWstudio webcast 'The Power of Projection'. Other collaborators along the way have included Stuart (BFI and film editor) and Jonny (fashion photographer).

Other projects have included...

* Offset Festival 2010
* Breaking Convention - A Multi-disciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness (University of Canterbury, 2011 and University of Greenwich, 2013)
* Regeneration Festival - An interactive weekend of exploring altered states of experience (Tabernacle, Notting Hill) 2012
* Special effects lighting for Vogue Magazine shoot
* Chemical effects for a short film by British film director Lorna Tucker
* Lighting for live performance of the seminal 1968 psychedelic album 'July' by the British band of the same name
* Summer of Love Revisited (Royal Albert Hall, 2017)
* 1968 and its Legacies Symposium (King's College, 2018)
* SPECTRAL/OLFACTORY – Performance Lecture with Sophia Satchell-Baeza (Mint Works/Arts Council England, 2018)

Further details, videos and pics can be found at

Kit list...

2 x Aldis Tutor 1000
4 x Aldis Tutor 2
2 x Optikinetics Solar 250
3 x Optikinetics GoboPro
2 x Hardware Xenon 1000 Watt/10K Lumen slide projectors
4 x OHPs (including Dukane)
3 x Kodak slide projectors (SAV + Ektapro) plus SAV auto fade/dissolve unit
2 x Pluto projectors plus Splodascope/Splode effect
1 x Numark DVD Player
1 x Numark VJ controller

Lots of people assumed by name was David Bardo after the light show, so it stuck as a kind of 'stage name' which I quite like 😊

Thanks for including the light show in Pooterland - I've always enjoyed the website over the years and it's a privilege to be included!

All the best!


David Bardo - June 2020

Bardo Light Show