pOoTer's pSycheDelic shAcK
ChroniKles - 1987



10th January

Alice In Wonderland All Night Film Festival at The Scala Cinema, Pentonville Road, London. Films showed: godzilla vs The Thing, The Party, Morgan, Forgotten Planet, Fistful Of Dollars. Live music by The Brindishi String Quartet and sounds by The Alice In Wonderland disco.
Light show by Shiva Photonics.

27th January

The Scientists play at the 100 Club, London.


15th March

Pink Fairies, Crazyhead, Flying Tractor Band, Voodoo Child, Little Feather play at th Town & Country Club, London.

19th March

Robert Calvert and the Starfighters, The Flying Tractor band, Lapwing and Victims Of The Pestilence play at Klub Foot, Clarendon Hotel, Hammersmith, London.


19th - 21st June

Glastonbury Festival


23rd August

Acid Daze Festival - Finsbury Park, London with Doctor and the Medics, Gaye Bykers on Acid, Hawkwind, Naz Nomad and the Nightmares, Ozric Tentacles, Pink Fairies, Pop Will Eat Itself, Voodoo Child


11th December

Hawkwind play Leicester DeMontfort Hall