Alice In Wonderland Mystery Trip 2

Do you have any memories of the Decca Warehouse Mystery Trip?

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Alice In Wonderland Mystery Trip 2 Handbill

Mystery Trip 2 Handbill

Alice In Wonderland Mystery Trip 2 Ticket

Mystery Trip 2 Ticket


‘On Saturday 22nd December 1984 a group of trippers will be magically transported from somewhere in Central London to FAIRYLAND, a place where mere mortals have never ever been to before, a place where wizards have their wands recharged, where unicorns have their horns sharpened and where elves and goblins sit on mushrooms and count the stars.....’

The word was out on the underground and if you were On The Bus, you were standing at Chelsea Bridge freezing your butt off that night with a bunch of other crazies dressed in paisley and Day-Glo waiting for the ominous arrival of the Alices entourage.

Out of the darkness came the Pied Piper, closely followed by more ‘strange’ people playing various musical instruments...

From memory, no words were exchanged, but dutifully everyone fell into line behind the Piper and the trip began...

Some time later after snaking through the backstreets of South London we turned a corner into an industrial area and out of the darkness loomed an old Decca Records warehouse, it’s doors open wide and eerie and lilting synth music drifting out into the cold night air.

Once inside we were met with a bizarre bar that was raffling drinks, a ‘side room’ containing a waterfall and pond, complete with plastic grass and a main hall with a stage.

In the waterfall room the hypnotic and awesome Another Green World produced soothing and brain bubbling synth based psych, reminiscent of Steve Hillage’s Rainbow Dome Musick.

Retina popping visual treats were laid on by the Shiva Photonics Lightshow who amongst other very cool projected lighting, had an amazing 3D laser setup above the ‘pond’ that pOoTer spent what seemed like hours staring at......

Soon the main hall was throbbing to the psych and Freakbeat of the Alice In Wonderland Psychedelic Disco and glowing and popping from the Shiva Photonics Lightshow. Everyone we bumped into was now either stoned or tripping, or both and suddenly the ‘raffled drinks’ bar started to look both totally confusing and terrifying..........

A ‘mysterious’ band took to the stage and after some intitial technical glitches proceeded to belt out note perfect sixties garage and psych classics. They were announced as The Cockroaches and were all dressed up in awesome psych clothes, complete with black shades and truly wicked mop top wigs.

Half way through the set pOoTer found out that The Cockroaches were in fact two thirds of The Damned and at least one member of Doctor and The Medics (Richard Searle).



The above error has existed on this site since the very start (2000) and yesterday (15/12/2020) it was spotted!.

The actual identity of The Cockroaches was Alex on vocals (Medics road crew member), Ben and Scott Addison on guitar and drums, Roman Jugg on keyboards and Richard Searle on bass.


As the evening and the trippers peaked in an acid crazed frenzy we were treated to an outstanding performance by the legendary Doctor and The Medics.

pOoTer can in no way remember the entire set list, but amongst the many songs played were: Nothing, Ride The Beetle, Blockbuster and The Druids Are Here.

What we can remember is the good Doctor ending up in the crowd and losing half his clothes and a few songs later ending up in the crowd again, this time climbing back on the stage wearing only some the crowd went wild, hypnotised by the surreal and sensuous Anadin Brothers synhcronised dancing, The Doctor hung upside down from some pipes on the ceiling and carried on belting out songs with his manhood flying around, totally unfazed by the whole thing.

At some point things began to slowly wind down with the the soothing sounds of Another Green World and almost in slow motion the Mystery Trip was over and several hundred tripped out revellers had to find their way back home, grinning ear to ear.

pOoTer and Co. in their infinite wisdom (or maybe there was no other option!!) walked from Chelsea back to Kings Cross, which I reckon is fucking miles and miles!!

I can remember at some point we passed through Trafalgar Square and at that point I realised all I was wearing was a paisley shirt and some (very dirty) white jeans and by now should have been suffering from exposure (December in England, remember!!).

9 years later we arrived in Kings Cross and I think crashed the rest of the night on someone’s floor at a Uni building around there somewhere...

Fazed and Confused


Do you have any memories of the Decca Warehouse Mystery Trip?

We would love to hear from you !


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