Happening 44,

Gerrards Street,



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Happening 44

What days they were!!! I wonder if anyone remembers the sign that was above the doorway of 44?

It was about two foot wide and said "Erotica 67". It belonged to the people who shared the venue.

My recollection is that Happening 44 finished when it was 'done over' by the heavies - something to do with the (Erotica 67) tenants upsetting someone. I lost a heap of gear. Jack Bracelin (anyone remember him?) lost more. I remember all the records were put on a gas ring (or in a pot?) - v. messy!

When we went to get what was left of the gear I took the sign (for the fluro in it). I never used it but that sign was in my garage in England for years - I think it only got trashed when I moved to Aus in the 80's!

Talking of records, do I remember we used to get dodgy imported records from a bloke called Branson who had an upstairs office in South Wharf Road Paddington? - I wonder what became of him :-))

Chris Selwood - 2004