Wick Lightshow,
General Electrip,
Photon Express,
Helios Gravis.


Our Identities:

First we were "General Electrip", then the "Wick Lightshow" for most all of the time, also operated as Photon Express and Helios Gravis for some of the latest shows to date.

Personnel: Stan Sweatt, Steve Sweatt, Dave Kiser, Andy, Gary Canning, Dave Pierce, Richard Sweatt, Mark Stevens and many more friends.

Homebase: Downey, CA (Los Angeles southwesterly)


Founded early 1968, we were a relatively unknown show working out of South-of LA from '68 thru early '70's. I would guess we did 100 or more gigs. We had the privilege of working at least sevral dozen shows with big name groups. We worked arenas, movie theaters, dance halls, college and school gyms and even smaller. Always yearning for a fixed venue!

Then a move to NoCal, some barfly shows in the early '80's. Then back to LA and several benefit nostalgia show/dances in '85/86 and finally (so-far) a Rave in LA in '90.

In between all shows, new effects and equipment were brought oniline and older stuff retired.
The show is currently stored and ready for the resurrection!

The imagery is 99% abstract and all custom created. The overriding purpose of the show is to complement and reflect the rhythm and intensity of the band's music, no attempt is made to be lyrically or specifically interperative other than titling!

We were active again in the early 2000’s. Over the period of several years of shows we converted from slides and overheads for the overlaid “solid” imagery to video projectors controlled by the original Livid software mixers.

The liquids were still on the overheads although we updated them to metal-halide light sources.

We also collaborated with other light show enthusiasts who contacted us and did some show work with Richard “the Wiz” from the original Wizzard light show.

More info on the website.

At your service,
Stan Sweatt


Wick Lightshow
Wick Lightshow
Wick Lightshow
Wick Lightshow
Wick Lightshow