The Overheads



Phil Rosenbaum (AKA Phil Rose) Deceased
Mike Lowe

The Overheads were the legendary Light Show who travelled with Dantalians Chariot during the late Sixties.

They used two variable speed strobe lights, an oil effect which consisted of a powerful light beneath a Clock Face Bowl projecting onto the white screen behind the band and onto the white clothes the band wore, even the Amps were painted white for full effect of the lighting.

Film and slides were also burned in projectors and overlaid with the liquids.

Information kindly provided by Zoot Money - July 2017



Recollection from Jon Newey (Jazzwise)

The Dantalion’s Chariot Overhead Light show specialised in the dish/clockface technique using overhead projectors as well as liquid slides.

It was run my Mike Lowe (not the Mike Lowe who went on to for Brittannia Row) and another person and projected from the lighting scaffold at the 14 Hour Technicolour Dream.

I was told at the time I saw them in action at Middle Earth in February 1968 that they’d also worked with Eric Burdon and The New Animals in mid-late 1967.

The light show also used op-art and grid-like lighting effects along with the liquids and, was one of the most dramatic seen during the UK psychedelic era.

Jon Newey - August 2020


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The Overheads Lightshow
The Overheads Lightshow
The Overheads Lightshow

October 1967, Denmark (looks like a liquid slide and NOT Overhead (bowls), also probably been 'coloured' at a later date)