Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow,

Acid Core Power & Light Co


I began the Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow in 2004.

I first saw a liquid lightshow the night of July 20, 1968 at Thee Image in Miami Beach, FL. Tiny Tim was the headliner and Blues Image (the house band in `68) and Fantasy opened.

The opener had a liquid lightshow going, which mesmerized a 15 year old me! Then I looked up and saw a guy playing with something on an overhead projector. That is when I decided I wanted to do that too.

Over the next few years I learned how to mix colors, color oil, and utilize clock glass. Added in slides from Edmund Scientific. Did some lightshows at dances in Jr. High School and High School with a couple friends, Charles Ragusa & Ricardo Quintero.

Then, as the `60s became the `70s, I had to grow up and become an adult. Not all that it is cracked up to be. Kept my 3M overhead and glass just to pull out and play around with every now and then.

Around 2001-02 I became enthralled with the idea of adding computer technology to the visuals I could produce by hand. By 2004 I had my answers and began producing visuals for local bands in and around Kansas City, MO.

Back in the day, my favorite band was Jefferson Airplane because of their music and the fact that they traveled with a lightshow, Glen McKay's Headlights. Charlie and I got to question Glen prior to an Airplane concert.

When it was time to add the computer tech I found the Brotherhood Of Light and talked with Pete and Chris about what they were doing.

When I was in school, I called the lightshow "Acid Core Power & Light Co." In 2004 I felt the drug reference didn't work so well. One of the guys, Miah Moss, suggested "Soulshine" and the rest is history.

Bands we have worked with include:

Los Lobos
Jefferson Starship
Quicksilver MS
Chubby Carrier& the Bayou Swamp Band
Papa Mali
Devon Allman's Honeytribe
Mama's Pride
Diamond Eyed Jack
Garaj Mahal
Donna Jean Godchaux Band
Big Brother & the Holding Co.
Geo. Clinton & P-Funk
J G B w/Melvin Seals
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
The Schwag
Mike Dillon & Hairy Apes BMX
Moonlight Drive
Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band
Mountain of Venus
New Riders of the Purple Sage
One Eyed Jack
Nailhouse (Moseley/Law/Droll/Sipe)
Steve Kimock & Friends
Steve Kimock & Crazy Engine
Trampled Under Fooot
Wakarusa Camping & Music Festival
The Willie Waldman Project
The Nick Schnebelen Band

Past Members of Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow:


John Paussa
Charlie Ragusa
Ricardo Quintero


John Paussa
Miah Moss
Sarah Jain Vanderpool
Cory Madden
Nathan Evert


I began with 1 3M overhead projector and a Kodak slide projector. When we did school dances, we used 2 or 3 overheads supplied by the school.

In 2004 when I started up Soulshine, I bought 3 metal halide overheads and 1 slide projector. It had always been more of a liquid lightshow than a full blown, multi-projector psychedelic lightshow.

Until around 2005-06 when I was able to get my hands on a digital projector and add computer visuals and effects. From 2006 or 07, until the venue closed at the end of the 2010 festival season, we did 5 weekends per year at Camp Zoe for the Schwagstock Festivals.

By 2008 we were lighting the main stage. It consisted of a large round screen center stage, flanked with a triangle screen on both sides of the round screen. Then there were 2 side screens to either side of the stage. 5 screens/projectors. 3 "feeds" that could be sent to any set of screens.
Usually 1 feed on the round, 1 feed on the triangles and 1 feed on the side-stage screens. But we could send any feed to any screens.

One problem I kept running into in the early days was having too much equipment and too many people, to be able to travel with a band. I was asked to scale back to a few road cases and... me. I was able to do that with a computer and software, a digital presenter, video mixer and a couple of 4500 lumen projectors.

In 2018 I retired and mothballed the lightshow. Came out to do a few shows with local guitar slinger Nick Schnebelen in 2019.

We shall see what the future holds.

Once again, Pooter, thank you so much for your web site.

John Paussa
Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow
June 2020

Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow
Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow
Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow
Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow
Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow
Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow
Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow
Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow
Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow
Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow
Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow
Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow