Retina Circus


I was a member of Retina Circus starting in 1968.

Retina Circus was founded in 1966 in San Francisco by Bob Carr and Conrad Keeler, shortly thereafter moving to Seattle, becoming the resident Light Show at the Eagles Auditorium until 1970.

Members then included Bill Duncan, John Moehring, Doc Eskenazi, Gary Christenson Clark Higgins, and myself.

The Eagles was Seattle's "Fillmore", so all the bands who played the West Coast circuit played there. We did
outdoor shows for the Seattle Pop Festivals and Sky River Rock Festivals.

Retina Circus also did gigs for other than rock concerts, including special presentations for a Seattle Mayor's inaugural party, the Seattle Art Museum's 50th anniversary, the US introduction of the Mazda automobile, performances of the Joffrey Ballet, and a special self-contained Quad-sound Multi-Media show called the Journey Through Inner and Outer Space we presented around the Pacific Northwest.

We used 3 Beseler Transpaque overhead projectors (with the front surface parabolic mirrors) with 1000 watt bulbs, 4 Carousel slide projectors modified to 900 watts with external fans (required glass mounted slides)
powered by 1000 watt variacs, a kaleidoscope projector (1000 watt), a Bell& Howell 16mm projector with Marc 300 xenon lamp, and a home-built strobe light with an airport-size lamp (5-turn coil ~1.5" diameter).

I still have all the gear except the strobe which died from exposure to the elements over the years. The 16mm is in need of service - it was out of my hands for 15 years or so (that's another story).

The rest is in ok shape - needs some TLC to come up to snuff.

So - there it is, a quick thumbnail for your database.

Andy Neddermeyer (InVision Productions) - August 2002

Retina Circus Light Show
Retina Circus Light Show
Retina Circus Light Show