Overheard Projections


We started off in Austin Texas as a 3 person projection Team called Panchovision around 2010.

It was led by Pancho Gomez, me (Josh Ryan), and Priscilla Pollanco.

Pancho initially learned most of the techniques and got some gear from a lady who used to do it back in the day for the Butthole Surfers.

We have done 3 or 4 Austin Psych fests (later changed to Levitation)

We got to project for The Zombies, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and many many others.

We teamed up with Drippy Eye, Liquid Light Lab, and the Mustachio Light show many times.

I toured with the band Holy Wave ( for a few years. We went all around the US and Europe twice.

Got to project in an old winery cellar in Italy, Sleazefest in the Netherlands, and a venue in Hamburg that the Beatles played in.

In 2016 I moved to Vancouver BC and changed the name to Overheard Projections. I have been projecting here for many local and touring bands at art venues like Red Gate, Static Jupiter, and the Cobalt.

Ive worked with Mad Alchemy and the Northern Light Show at the Rickshaw.

My favorite gig in vancouver has been Projecting off of skate ramps at Smilin Budda Cabaret, a venue Jimi Hendrix used to play at back in the day.

I use a mixed digital and analogue technique of running live media and liquids into a digital camera, slightly alter with Resolume, and come out of a digital projector.

Josh Ryan - September 2020