Liquid Len & The Lensmen


Liquid Len & The Lensmen were Hawkwind's famous light show during their early years.

Using mainly slides instead of kinetic wheels Liquid Len produced massive shows for many Hawkwind gigs but it wasn't always Liquid Len AKA Jonathan Smeeton at the controls - he wrote a 'specification' to which the Hawkwind Light Show should adhere to so textbook shows could take place in his absence..

We have made repeated attempts over the last 20 years to contact Jonathan Smeeton regarding Liquid Len but for reaons best known to himself our requests for information have been ignored - you can draw your own conclusion as to why this might be the case...

Liquid Len & The Lensmen

Nik Turner in a Liquid Len crew T-shirt (Courtesy John Andrews - Acidica)


If you can help with more information about this Light Show we would love to hear from you.