God's Eye Light Show


Wow......... What a trip. It is great you have all this info !

Anyway, I was part owner of the God's Eye Light Show

My name then was Julie Hankins.

It was also owned by a brother and sister named William and Karen Blakey. We originated from Soquel Ca on Cherry Hill Rd.

Only 4 miles south of Santa Cruz so you might as well say it was there.

We had the pleasure of doing a show at the Monterey Pop Festival when Hendrix was there.

We also did shows for:

Chambers Brothers
Jefferson Airplane
Janis Joplin
Joe Cocker

Red Wing and too many others to remember seeing it was about 45 years ago !

The company started in 1964 with the brother and sister.

As far as how we did it or what we used, it was food colors, oil, water, colored waters, over head projector with film transparencies. They would be of other rock stars, war, presidents, flowers, the ocean, just about anything we could get on a clear piece of plastic.

We also used solid colors of mylar and cellophane. It is hard to remember ! Considering everyone was so high !

Julie Salazar
Reno, Nevada - September 2014


If you can help with more information about this Light Show we would love to hear from you.