Ganymede Lights


I was involved with a UK lightshow called Ganymede Lights.

We were basically a jobbing lightshow but our claim to fame was that we converted Hawkwind to using more than the one strobe and did several shows with them (the bit on the "In Search Of Space" album about projecting on smoke was an idea I put to the band together with an idea for an inflatable venue with passing stars projected on the windows - it didn't get anywhere due to a severe lack of money).

If I can remember right, and memories tend to be a bit hazy, we had 4 strobes, 3 variable speed colour change wheels, eight projectors, six floods (converted ammo boxes) played with a keyboard, two vitrina slide projectors (very mucky), and an 8mm projector. We made our own slides, colour wheels and motorised oil wheels.

I remember once playing the keyboard lights with Hawkwind - the riff seemed to go on for longer than usual. I found out after that they were following the lights. If I hadn't got cramp in my arm we might still be going now...

It broke up when the guy who owned most of the equipment went to work with Can and Amon Duul in Germany.

Mike Preston - June 2002

Ganymede Lights

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